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Michael W. Mercer, Ph.D., delivers keynotes, workshops + speeches on Management, Hiring, Human Resources, Leadership & Organizational Change topics.
Dr. Mercer is a business psychologist and author of 5 business & motivational books.  
He delivers exciting speeches at many companies, meetings, management retreats, and conferences.
Dr. Mercer's articles have appeared in HR & Management magazines, as well as other national publications.

To help you plan your meeting or special event featuring Dr. Michael Mercer, you will find ready-to-use materials below that you can use to create a successful meeting or event.


You will can find everything you need here to put together a kit on Mike’s presentations. All pages are in Adobe Acrobat format. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat, you can quickly download it for free by clicking here.

Photos and Professional Info

This package contains two photos of Dr. Mercer, an overview of presentations, testimonials, and a client list. You can download these items either (a) as "Complete Package" or (b) individually.

Book Covers

Here are scans of the covers of Mike's books.

Presentation Outlines

Download Dr. Mercer’s presentation outlines below:

Audio-Visual Equipment & Room Set-Up/Seating

You need to supply specific A-V equipment and two types of seating arrangements. These lists and diagrams make it easy for you.

Custom Brochure Generator

If you like, you can custom-build a brochure for your event with the handy Brochure Generator!



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