HR & Pre-Employment Tests Blogs by Dr. Mercer

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Human Resources Management & Leadership Expert Blog
contains his latest tips and ideas on  how  to manage human resources so you can
+ improve your company's profits
+ advance your HR career
+ become a respected, sought-after member of your company's leadership

Many of Dr. Mercer's ideas draw on his speeches to many human resources associations -- plus
insights on how to apply his 6-step HR Profit Center Model from his best-selling HR book entitled,
"Turning Your Human Resources Department Into a Profit Center."

Dr. Mercer's Blog on Human Resources Management & Leadership Skills

Pre-Employment Testing & Hiring Expert Blog
contains insights into how you can "Hire The Best --  & Avoid The Rest."  He will tell you how to use pre-employment tests, great interviewing skills, plus his latest information and insights on hiring.  Dr. Mercer wrote "the book on hiring" called, "Hire The Best -- & Avoid THe Rest."

Dr. Mercer's Blog will teach you how to hire job applicants who become high-achieving, "Superstar" employees who are profitable, productive and low-turnover.

 Dr. Mercer's Blog on Pre-Employment Testing & Hiring



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