Michael W. Mercer, Ph.D., delivers workshops/speeches on Management, Hiring, Human Resources, Leadership & Organizational Change topics. Dr. Mercer is a business psychologist + author of 5 business and motivational books. 

Dr. Mercer developed three pre-employment tests used by companies to help them select top-notch employees: BEHAVIOR FORECASTER™, ABILITIES FORECASTER™ + DEPENDABILITY FORECASTER™. 
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Dr. Mercer provides organizations with his expertise in: 
+  how to lead highly profitable organizational change
+  creating customized Hire the Best — & Avoid the Rest™ methods
+  Pre-Employment Tests
+  profit improvement techniques
+  teamwork & teambuilding
+  human resources expert
+  leadership & secrets of leaders
+  delivering exciting keynotes, speeches, management retreats & seminars

Dr. Mercer delivers exciting speeches+seminars at many companies, meetings, management retreats, and conferences. He is founder and president of Mercer Systems, Inc. Audience members describe his exciting keynote speeches and seminars as “info-tainment”.

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Dr. Mercer has authored five business books:
+  Absolutely Fabulous Organizational Change™
+  Hire the Best—& Avoid the Rest™
+  Spontaneous Optimism®
+  Turning Your HR Department into a Profit Center™
+  How Winners Do It™: High Impact People Skills for Your Success

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He has appeared on over 400 radio and TV talk shows- including Oprah, Leeza, and The Today Show -- plus shows on ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, CNBC, and CNN. Articles quoting Dr. Mercer appear in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune, Self, Working Woman, Harvard Management Update, and more.

Dr. Mercer developed two pre-employment tests used by companies across North America to help them select top-notch employees: BEHAVIOR FORECASTER, ABILITIES FORECASTER™ and DEPENDABILITY FORECASTER™.

Learn about Dr. Mercer's Pre-Employment Tests 


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